Why Print / Prototype

7 Billion people on this earth and everyone is different. Imagine having to wear a shoe size that does not really fit you. Initially, people had to make custom shoes which were expensive. Industrial revolution made it easy for everyone to afford a pair of shoes. But it came with a flaw - Mass produced products are not for everyone. With 3D printing, you should be able to print shoes to a perfect fit. Imagine downloading the design for a shoe and customising it in your home for the perfect fit. 3D printing opens up new possibilities which were unimaginable before.

3D printing decentralises manufacturing in a huge way. Goods today are produced in factories, then via a supply chain it reachers the stores in a few places. These stores are definitely not accessible by everyone on the face of Earth. But with 3D printing, the manufacturing is localised. Anyone with with the access to the internet and a 3D printer can print things.

Almost anything can be made using 3D printers and it has been the fastest growing technology of this decade. The quality of prints and the materials we can print on has gone up exponentially. The price has truly come down over the past two years and is set to come down a lot more.

How 3D Printing Works

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